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Feedrz is an online platform that allows the users to easily create, group, organize, share feedboards & forms and get results from anyone on the web!

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If you have an account, things couldn't be easier. Just log in and you will be able to create new forms, start feedback sessions or view the results for your previously created forms. And all this easily, without writing a single line of code!


Feedrz is here to offer you the opportunity to create multiple types of online forms which can be instantly shared with anyone you want on the web. And the best part is that’s all for FREE! So start building your forms right now!

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Because we understand your need for constantly improving yourself and your work, we have come up with this tool that makes it easier and faster than ever before to create well-designed online forms which you can later share with everyone you chose!

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Everyone can use Feedrz! It is so easy to use that even a 7year-old can do it! Not convinced yet? Just sign up and give it a go! Don’t worry! It’s just going to take a minute and then you’ll have access to all the amazing features we have created especially for you!

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What do we bring?

Feedrz aims to bring you all the required tools so that you can get the relevant data that you need! Create FeedBoards and Forms, share, gather results, export. Everything you need on one platform!


Why us?

The answer to this question is really easy. Feedrz is free, really easy to use, fast and efficient. Offering access without account and powerful sharing capabilities, this platform is your dream come true.


How can we help?

Feedrz can help you with any situation that would require the use of forms, from application forms, surveys and polls to feedback forms and suggestion forms. Use FeedBoards to group & organize your forms.


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What do we do?

To keep it simple, Feedrz provides you a very simple way to create forms that you can share with anyone you want.

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To find out more about us, please visit the « about » section.

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